Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ode to my lamp

OK, I confess, it's not really an ode. I can't really even remember what an ode is: I learnt about it in my first year at university, and like most information learnt for exams, promptly forgot. But it is a post about my lamp!

To make:

You need:

A lamp
Enough fabric to cover the shade
Pom poms on a string (I got mine from John Lewis)
LOTS of glue

Wrap the fabric around the shade, and cut to size. You might find it helpful to hold it in place with a hair clip!

 Glue one of the ends of the fabric to the base, and wrap the fabric around. Fold the remaining end under to neaten, and glue.

 Glue the edges onto the inside of the shade, rolling them other to hide the loose edges.

 Glue on the pom pom string.

I decided to glue on added ribbons to hide the base. Just cut the to the desired length, and glue. You might need to layer them, depending on how angled it is. Hide the raw edges at the top by wrapping a piece of ribbon around it, an voila!


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