Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On collars (again)

Further to the joys of spangly collars, one can make use of the current trend of buttoned-up shirts, and have a sparkly neckline by wearing a short necklace under the collar, so it pokes through at the front. Which is easier than beading your collars, and cheaper than buying them pre-beaded!

I did this once when working in a rather snooty clothing concession in a department store, but apparently this was 'too formal'. Yet this was the kind of place which stocked those feathery things people pop on their heads to go to the races,  and 'mother of the bride' dresses. Go figure. Any ho, due to the aforementioned trend of buttoned-up shirts, used judiciously one shouldn't look too overdressed with a bit of short-necklace-under-collar action!