Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I don't quite know how to start this, maybe a trite sentence about first steps, and how this particular step is clad in sparkly leggings? Any-how, it's been started regardless! This is just a little blog about crafty and fashiony  things ('fashiony' should really be a word), so I'd better get started:

Armour Leggings

These have been inspired by armour, although in a very stylised manner!   
I thought I would try embroidering on a fine mesh, and then sewing it on to the leggings, as opposed to embroidering straight on to them. I got the idea by seeing that makers pretty embroidered leggings extraordinaire, Beberoque, often use it, and I think I would recommend it. Embroidering on to mesh is far easier since the large holes make it easier to do evenly spaced stitches.